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We are a regulated immigration consulting company based in Vancouver, with branches in Quebec, India and Africa.

Your Canadian Journey Starts Here

Canada wants more high skilled immigrants to sustain growth and populate it's vast territories, contact us today to get started.

Whether you already have applied to a university or not, we are here to help with finding the right university in canada and getting your study permit.

The canadian government wants and needs more qualified people to help build this great country of ours, get a free assessment today to see if you qualify.

Work and live in canada by obtaining a work permit, contact us to know more.


What is the overall processing time?
It takes approximately 9 to 12 months to get your PR
What if my language scores are less?
Your application will be strong with good IELTS score. But provided if your scores are less still we do have possibilities to get your PR under Province Nomination Program (PNP) with eligible occupations.
What are the benefits I will get with my PR Visa?
With your PR card you are eligible for many social benefits such as free education for children, medical insurance, unemployment benefits etc.,
How long should I wait to get my citizenship of Canada?
You will need to stay a cumulated period of 36 months during any 5 year period in order to become a Canadian citizen.
Immigration to canada can be a complicated and tedious process, with dozens of immigration programs targeting different types of candidates under a multitude of immigration categories...
This is where Confidia Immigration comes in, we help you chose the pathway that is more suitable for your situation and help you improve your score to reach your goals.
Confidia immigration inc. is authorized under Canadian law to offer immigration consulting.
Our consultant Immigration number is R531947


1068-2785 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC
V5N 4C5


26 Cunningham Road, DBS House, office 110 , Bengaluru 560052 India.


  • 080 40407110
  • +1 514 706 9210


Please contact our India branch for more information on programs available.

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